Coming to a Conclusion

Coming to a Conclusion is part of a series of five works by Thomas Lisle released together as the Landscapes of the Mind collection.

"This is not about coming to an actual conclusion but a collection of events and feelings that might come up when making a difficult decision. Competing ideas, theories and thoughts vying for attention. It's an imagined scenario that brings together symbols of the present-day unconscious, where fantasy robots might represent mechanical scientific thinking. The Ruined house represent positions or ideas abandoned. The deer is a symbol of innocence, or the wild natural world, in distress.

I love the fact that I can paint onto a giant mountain range and make paint strokes that are 10km long. I like paint strokes that float about and morph. They remind me of the ebb and flow of an argument, which can drift in and out of the mind focus. I like the character who is nonchalant and not taking much notice when maybe he should be " - Thomas Lisle.

Music by Valera Alakhov. New Composers
foreign-canyon-terrain 3D model by artfromheath
Robot 3D model by bit bot. by studio 5
Mocap files. Carnegie Mellon University

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FINALIST-European Film Festival Mainstream Underground-2021

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