Mountain Air

Mountain Air is part of a series of five works by Thomas Lisle released together as the Landscapes of the Mind collection.

"I came across this motion capture file of someone practising Tai Chi. And I've always thought these movements are lovely to watch, deep in meaning, and beautifully fluid. I've been practising Chi Gong for 20 years and I thought it would be interesting to use the motion in an artwork. The symbolism of being on top of the mountain is a powerful psychological symbol of raised consciousness or awareness. The figure started out as an abstracted human form, which is then painted on in 3D, with a single digital tube brush, that has a moving displacement map. The paint strokes then follow the motion of the body underneath, which is in turn linked to the Mocap data" - Thomas Lisle.

Music by Valera Alakhov. New Composers
Mocap files from Carnegie Mellon University
Foreign-canyon-terrain by artfromheath.

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FINALIST-European Film Festival Mainstream Underground-2021

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