Timothy Mcgill

Portland, OR
With no formal education in the Fine Arts, you might think that pieces produced by artist Tim McGill would lack depth, seriousness, or even legitimacy.

However, years of fooling around with paints and computers, along with 10000's of hours absorbing composition, lines, and somesuch at galleries and studios, have (apparently) imbued some credibility into his art (or so he hopes). There may be a smidgen of natural talent involved as well, perhaps (at least his mother says so...)

Having graduated from younger life, Tim has evolved into his current artistic moniker (and likely misnomer) of Dragonsmack. This is obviously far superior to his ridiculous younger moniker of Max Bloodletter. I mean, come on, man!

Tim's current project is focused on creating tools to dive into the possibilities laying in wait inside all the static, boring paintings surrounding him. Drawing these paintings into the 3D space allows him to go exploring to find inspiration in his own work.

Is there a better way to spend a life?