Jonah Being Thrown from the Ship

Jonah Being Thrown from the Ship. Pencil on paper with digital manipulation. 36 x 47 in. 2017.

In her series Leviathan, Tracy Steen and Tom Lincoln explore aspects of the word “leviathan” (synonymous today with “whale”). The series studies the human relationship with the mysteries of the deep, including references to leviathan in scripture, philosophy, literature, and art.

This piece examines the moment that Jonah’s shipmates throw him from their ship. They hope that this act will free them from a storm from which they cannot seem to escape. Overlaid across the piece is a repetition of the Bible verse from the Book of Jonah in which the shipmates plead with God not to punish them.

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Jonah Being Thrown from the Shipby Tracy Steen
X of 100
Jonah Being Thrown from the Ship
Tracy Steen
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February 24, 2018
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