Digital Pop Rorschach Test (What do you see now?)

This work was created in Max/MSP/Jitter and has been run through three mini applications I programmed to manipulate footage.

During lockdown in Bangkok during Covid-19, I have been escaping and finding such joy in the world of abstract lines and color. I was inspired by the psychology ink blot test called Rorschach test for the base of this work. While facing depression and anxiety as I am far from my home country and family and unable to conduct my normal life for my startup in China, the entire Covid-19 experience has been a pressure cooker of worries. From visa issues in Thailand to worrying about the start up, I found that the abstract gives me the warm place to escape and also lets me imagination run wild.

In this work, I want to bring the viewer into that realm and ask what do you see in the digital ink blot test? A butterfly? A bat? A face? Your soul?

A product of my Bang-Pop series.

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