The bodies of people from all over the world met in Venice in January 2020 for the Venice Performance Art Week.

We didn't know that Covid-19 was about to spread. We had met under the theme of "dissent." As the group of people who have faced pressures from society came together, we found power and connection in shared struggles and dissent. We worked as a group to break down barriers between us in our workshops, and I wanted to use technology to drive this breakdown even more and merge our bodies in visual ways that represent the connections and breakthroughs we were making.

This video was made with a programmed video instrument in Max/Jitter.

And now, more than ever, this work shows that even though we are divided by time and space, we are still connected in our shared traumas and issues in life. We must not forget that there are other bodies out there who are on your side and there for you in your corner. You just cannot see them all the time, but they are there to support you.

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