Something Can Always Grow

Bangkok 2020.

Scenes of desperation and hope from lockdown. This video is represents a performance I conducted where I was completely submerged in objects and things that I have collected from 2017-2018. I collected all my waste that year and have been making art with it ever since.

I performed this action on the day of my grandfather's death in the USA. In a moment of feeling totally powerless, I needed to create something. Anything. While watching my home country, the USA is in total disarray, I was also going to overstay my visa and become an illegal alien. Meanwhile, I was blocked from leaving the country so I could not visit China where my startup is. The entire situation made me feel like everything was like garbage and very terrible. With that feeling, I submerged myself in the waste for 30 minutes and then raised a single bottle with a plant to represent how in this time, while everything seems terrible, there are things that can still grow from the all the mess that we see around. I can continue to create art and with that, I know that there are so many others creating in this time.

This was filmed in a special realm/fort/fantasy escape room I created in my apartment called Bang-Pop. I am wearing sparkly high-heels to reference my favorite child movie Wizard of Oz to reflect on my ten years of Asia and what the notion of "no place like home" means to me now.

The film is being manipulated in Max/MSP.

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