Presence 5.4

Universal Everything’s Presence 5.4 is part of a series of works titled Presence that were originally created as large-scale video pieces of motion-captured dance performances that create abstract forms with a human presence. Presence is the result of a collaboration between Universal Everything, choreographer Benjamin Millepied and the LA Dance Project as an exploration into the essence of choreography, movement and the human form. In Presence 5.4, two figures have been emulated as a digitally choreographed carnival of colours that sweep through space like threads of paint illuminating dark matter. Accompanied by a resoundingly joyous soundtrack, the figures and their conquering contours mimic the anatomical energy of physical forms in space. Here new technologies appear to play catch up with the body in motion. Coloured marks extend the body’s presence through space, suggesting a vocabulary of movements that when captured appear as riotous as an abstract expressionist painting.


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