Having only ever worked in Environmental Biology and Chemistry laboratories, I never thought I would do anything else. However, I always loved drawing and painting. Suddenly, when I was 24, I experienced a very sad and life changing event. I was signed off work sick, the only way I could find comfort was through drawing. I poured my feelings onto paper, glass and any surface I could get my hands on. After a period of time, I decided I didn't want to go back to the laboratories. I had changed as a person and wanted to start a new life. In March 2019 I started up 'AW Art'. Since then I have explored many ways to produce beautiful work. I now produce digital art, which I feel has limitless creative potential. Combining my passion and knowledge of biology with art has been my most satisfying way to express myself. I am inspired by the work of John Audubon, who was one of the first ornithologists in America. He studied bird species for many years, expanding the worlds understanding of bird behaviour and how they fit in with ecological systems. He also produced exquisite paintings of the birds he studied. The detail and accuracy representing these species excites my biology interest and artistic mind. Therefore, my work does not intend to accentuate the beauty of nature, but rather to invite the viewer to begin to examine their natural surroundings and appreciate the beauty that it already holds. Beauty can be found anywhere, explore my art to see the world how I see it.

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