Gregory Antollino

Long Island City, New York
So I went to college, studied U.S. History, English, and a lot of art history. I tried actual art, but I was afraid. At the time., Ed Pashke taught there (Northwestern, in Evanston, Illinois). I saw one of Paschke's* huge works at the Art Insitute of Chicago ("Sally Goes Bye Bye") Yet I had to go to law school, a choice I do not regret. I must wonder, "What if?" I tell people -- and this is true -- that in my senior year, I so very much wanted to take Basic Photography and enrolled. I took shots, developed and printed a couple of B&W prints. (I wish I could remember my teacher's name as I recall the Art Department Secretary asking me if "Ted knew" -- or whatever his name was. I felt I had to drop the class as I was afraid I would get a B+ and my grades would also go down in my essay and fiction writing classes. And let's not forget about getting into law school. One must make choices. I did well in the writing classes and still like to write. I also got into a fantastic law school, NYU. I had great professors at NYU and Northwestern. And how can I regret having acquired the fund made in practicing civil rights law to travel the world and - guess what collect photos from about eighty-something countries, plus meeting people from most of those places. I became, as a result, an Italian Citizen. To be sure, I'll never give up that passport!