Amsterdam, Netherlands

SlowMotion Portrait of Nuwella Love

“The older we grow, the faster time seems to fly. Time proves to be very transient. We live our lives only once, we see people only once. This inspired me to take a better look at people, to look deep into them.”

Based on his original idea from 2005, Veysi has been making slowmotion portraits professionally since 2010. By dramatically slowing down these film portraits he shows us more of their subjects, while also heightening our sense of time’s fleeting nature.

Watching this extremely slow-paced imagery also slows the viewer’s own internal sense of time, creating an oasis of serenity among the frenetic shots and edits we are accustomed to seeing on television and the Internet.

Veysi has now made more than forty slowmotion portraits of people around him with diverse nationalities and backgrounds, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

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SlowMotion Portrait of Nuwella Loveby Veysi
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SlowMotion Portrait of Nuwella Love
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April 22, 2018
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