Youngjun Chang is a scenographer and creative technologist based in both London and Seoul. Chang builds architectural narratives for artistic and commercial spaces and constructs media performance works based on AI technology. Chang's work expands our perception of the characteristics of space and the nature of art.

The works are created within the liminal spaces between reality and the virtual world. Chang produces diverse outcomes which portray the physical movements of performers and / or their audiences, and at times reinterprets the aesthetic through spatial data and digital media.


2021 Blossom the Hope 2021: Underworld Media Panorama Seoul
2021 14th Arab Cultural Festival Seoul
2020 Uni to Unicorns Tate Modern, London
2020 Satellite Project 01 The Beginning, Reinraum Gallery Düsseldorf Online
2020 Satellite Project 02 The Development, 062 Gallery Chicago Online