Become The Reflection Of Yourself

Become The Reflection Of Yourself is a coming together of Zhou Xiaohu’s research into the history of misinterpretation and his work with marionettes, stop-motion animation and computer gaming software. The piece is part of the artist’s History of Misunderstanding project, which also includes the animation works Mirror Beijing, Voyeurism and Steppenwolf. The History of Misunderstanding practices and explores the misinterpretation of misinterpretation itself. Misreading often occurs because both sides think that they have a solution, which often meets their own needs. At other times, we misinterpret without knowing we have done so.

Become The Reflection Of Yourself, Zhou Xiaohu worked with pictures from Andy Warhol’s 1982 trip to Beijing. Making the work was a process of reinterpreting historical cross-cultural activity; with each bridge (between times, between cultures, between people and their contexts) there is interpretation, guesswork, misinterpretation which in the end become a reality.


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