He is a multimedia doctor and an electronic shaman. Sound and motion design merge at his fingertips, and in this shimmering synesthetic fusion, somewhere on the edge of the subconscious, a pomander with a cunning perfumery demon hidden inside waits for its time - nothing more and nothing less than to take over your soul! Video and sound are his element, in which he lives his whole life, working in the television industry. Electronic music is his passion, giving him harmony and inspiration. aroma psychology is his unconventional hobby. His creativity reflects his personal synesthetic perception of the world, in which sounds, colors and smells merge for him into a unique whole. By the way - as a creator-conceptualist, this person is engaged in experimental development of the so-called author's NLP-alphabet of existential synesthesia "Existenberry" - internal fundamental synesthetic nodes-images, combining certain combinations of submodalities of three representation systems: visual, auditory and olfactory. In the future, he also plans to give the world his theory and device of synesthizer.