Introducing Art Stream

Enjoy any artworks from the Sedition collection.
For just $15 per month.

Art Stream allows you to access any artwork on Sedition with your monthly subscription. Artworks are added to your Vault as a playlist. Enjoy your playlist on your screens using the Sedition apps.
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Create a Playlist

Make a playlist with any 12 artworks you like. There is no limit on price and you can change your selected artworks anytime you want. We’ve curated a few collections to get you started.

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Weekly Mode

Turn on and enjoy. Art Stream Weekly Mode will automatically update your artwork selection every Monday.

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All Features

Access to enjoy 12 artworks of your choice on Sedition


Play artworks using our apps for iOS, Apple TV and Android

Download artworks to the iOS app for offline playback

Your selected artworks can be changed at any time

Use Weekly Mode to automatically update your selected artworks every Monday

Get 10% discount when purchasing artworks



$ 15

  • Enjoy any 12 artworks
  • 10% off when purchasing artworks

30-day free trial. Cancel anytime.


$ 120

  • Enjoy any 12 artworks
  • 10% off when purchasing artworks
  • Save 35%, normally $180.


Gift Art Stream subscription to your friends and loved ones.

6 Months
12 Months

Includes a personal message.

Common Questions

Are there any limits?

Every artwork is a limited edition. Single artwork cannot be purchased and subscribed more times than the total edition count. You can choose 12 artworks at a time. You can also change your selected artworks any time.

What is Weekly Mode?

Weekly mode allows users to automatically rotate their selection of artworks. Every Monday Sedition curates a new playlist of 12 artworks that will be added to your Vault if you have turned Weekly Mode. It was designed for users who simply want to enjoy new artworks every week.

Are selections permanent?

No, subscription artworks stay in your Vault as long as you are subscriber. Collectors on the site can continue to purchase editions - even if subscribed - until they are sold out. The only way to guarantee continued access to an artwork is to purchase it. If an artwork that you are using is close to selling out you will be notified, and you will have the chance to add it to your collection with your 10% subscriber discount. If the work sells out whilst you are using it, the edition will be removed from your Vault and you will be prompted to choose another piece.

What artworks can be chosen?

Any artwork available on Sedition that is not sold out. Sold out artworks belong to collections and can be purchased from them via Sedition Trade Platform.

How to get 10% discount?

Discount is automatically applied when you purchase artworks.

Have further questions?

Send us an email to or if you use Facebook simply message us. We’re available 10am - 6pm London time.