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Browse our constantly evolving online gallery of 6243 digital artworks by 1108 artists. Collect editions you love or subscribe to Art Stream to access them all.

Any purchased Edition is securely stored in your Vault along with its Certificate of Authenticity

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Play all the artworks from our collection for a fixed monthly price with Art Stream subscription.

Art Stream

Your Artworks can be accessed from anywhere and viewed on any screen. Stream your collection from your browser or use one of the Sedition apps.

Just like with physical works, you can also sell your Artworks and make a profit. When an edition sells out, collectors can resell it on our Trade Platform.
Trade Platform
Artists about Sedition
Artists about Sedition

Why join Sedition?

Collect Digital Art

  • Buy artworks from famous names at affordable prices
  • Be among the first to discover up-and-coming artists
  • Never get bored as we release a new artwork every week

Subscribe To Art Stream

  • Play all available artwork on Sedition and get a 10% discount for every purchase
  • Created unlimited playlists for every moment, mood and occasion
  • Subscribe to try a watermark-free artwork before you buy

Invest and Trade

  • Invest in artworks that appreciate in value
  • Sell your editions for profit on our Trade Platform
  • Outbid other collectors to buy rare editions
Common Questions

Sedition sells artworks by leading contemporary artists in digital format. Sedition artworks are created for screens and connected devices. You can find a variety of genres such as abstract, generative art or photography. Artworks can be purchased in two formats: still images and video.

First, either visit seditionart.com in your web browser or download the Sedition app for Android, iOS or Apple TV. Log into your Sedition account and access your Vault to view and play your art collection on any connected device (phones, tablets, computers or TVs) or on a dedicated screen.

To view your art on your TV, you can use the TV’s web browser to visit seditionart.com; connect a Chromecast to your TV and cast artworks from your Android or iOS device; use our dedicated Apple TV app; play artworks from a connected iOS device using Airplay; use screen mirroring or an HDMI cable to pair with a laptop. You can play your artworks on any TV that supports WiFi, AirPlay, screen mirroring, Chromecast or Apple TV. The better the TV’s display quality, the better your artworks will look.

Once you’ve set up a Sedition account, you only need one set of login details. With these login details you can log in to multiple devices in the same room or different rooms, and you can play multiple artworks simultaneously. New purchases or playlist changes made on one device will be visible on other devices.

Every edition purchased comes with an online certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and Sedition. Your certificate will tell you the edition number and the total number of editions in the run. If you purchase multiples of the same work, each will have a unique edition number and its own certificate of authenticity.

Your art collection is securely stored in your Vault. To download artworks to your device for offline viewing, use the Sedition apps for iOS or Android. Please note that for security reasons you can’t download artworks to your personal computer. Sedition artworks are made in digital format only and are not intended for printing. They are best enjoyed on screens.

How To Use

In your Vault you can view any artworks you own (by clicking the artwork thumbnail) and their certificate of authenticity (by clicking the artwork name).

From your Vault you can also create multiple Playlists, give them names and order them to suit different settings, moods or events. You can add new artworks to your playlists from the purchased artworks in your Vault. If you’re an Art Stream subscriber you can add any available Sedition artwork to playlists in your Vault.

View The Vault Tutorial

Once an edition has sold out, you will be able to offer your work for sale on Trade. Other collectors will bid on your work and you can choose to accept their bids or hold out for your asking price.

On Trade you can you find works you like from other collectors, place bids and purchase them.

Please note that Trade is only available in the web browser version of Sedition.

View The Trade Tutorial

Art Stream is our subscription service. For $10 a month for an annual subscription, or $15 a month for a rolling monthly subscription, you can access and enjoy every artwork currently available on Sedition. Just search for an artwork, open the artwork page and click Play - if you’re an Art Stream subscriber you can play artworks without the Sedition watermark, without having to buy. You can also create playlists for every theme, mood, aesthetic or style. Any artwork that has not yet sold out can be included, and if you decide you just can't live without a particular artwork, click ‘Buy’ on the artwork page and follow the steps to add the work to your permanent collection - subscribers get a 10% discount on all purchases.

When using the Sedition iOS or Android app, if you’re near a connected Chromecast device you will see the Chromecast icon on each artwork page, just below the artwork image. If you tap this icon the artwork will play on your TV. If the artwork is part of a playlist, the next artwork in the playlist will start once the current one ends. You can play Sedition artworks on your TV via Chromecast while using your Android device for other things.

If you are using the Sedition iOS app near an Apple TV or a TV with AirPlay 2 support, you will see the Airplay icon on each artwork page, below the artwork image. If you click this icon you can stream to your TV.

If you have an Apple TV, our dedicated Apple TV app gives slightly better display quality than playing artworks from a connected device using Airplay. Art Stream users on Apple TV can play artworks without watermark and without purchasing, and playlists are available from August 2020 onwards. Please note that Sedition artworks cannot be played in conjunction with another Apple TV app.

Follow an artist on Sedition to get invited to their online Private Views. Private Views allow you to view and purchase artworks before they are launched to the general public and can give you preferential pricing if you are amongst the first to buy.

View The Private Views Tutorial

Device Resolution Res Playlists Vault Buying art Buying
Apple TV 4K
LG TV App (webOS 5+) 4K
Samsung TV (pre-Tizen) HD
Android HD
Chromecast HD
Air Play HD
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