Public Art Displays

Sedition provides curated collections of art by some of the world's most renowned contemporary artists for display in any public space, exhibition or event. We provide a tailor-made Public Display License to deliver the highest-quality contemporary artworks to allow you to create an art experience that your audience won't forget.

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Past work

As screens proliferate in our cities and urban spaces, it provides an opportunity to inspire people through art in everyday life. We've worked with a wide range of partners to display high-resolution digital artworks in public spaces, hotels, corporate lobbies, exhibitions, festivals and trade shows.

View some of our curated displays below.

Times Square Arts Alliance, Tracey Emin, Midnight Moment, New York
Grosvenor, London Design Festival exhibition
London EDITION Hotel, Mat Collishaw commission and curated collection for guest rooms
Elle Decor, Milan Design Week
Oxford Properties Group, Elmgreen & Dragset, Toronto

Frequently asked questions

What is a Public Display License?

A public display license gives you the permission to display an artwork from Sedition in a public space or exhibition. Any public display of an artwork requires a license from Sedition, which gives you the rights to present the work and provides protection for the use of the work.

I bought an artwork from the Sedition website, can I display it in an exhibition or public space?

No, works on Sedition are intended for private display only (in the home or private offices). Any public display of artworks requires a Public Display License.

How much does a Public Display License cost?

Fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Costs can vary depending on the profile of the artists selected, the number of artworks, the location and method of display, the audience, publicity and use of the work. Licenses are given by duration whether for one day or one year, we can provide estimates for different durations. Museums and nonprofits receive preferential pricing.

Can I display artworks in perpetuity?

Fees to display the works in perpetuity can be discussed and negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Is it possible to get a download file of the artwork to play instead of streaming it from Sedition?

Once the Public Display License is signed, we can provide access to the file to play for your display. The license terms limit the use, distribution and display of the work. Files can be played from a computer, or media player. If required, Sedition can provide a media player for better looping and playback of the work.

How much is does it cost to commission an artist to create a new work?

Costs of commissions vary depending on the profile of the artist, the complexity and production costs of the work, and the size of the edition. Commissions start from around $5,000 for an emerging artist.

What resolution artworks do you have? Do you have 4K resolution artworks or higher?

Yes, Sedition has a selection of works available in 4K. For higher resolution works than 4K, we can discuss with the artists to create works or source other works not available on Sedition for the display to fit large screens. All artworks on Sedition are available in full HD.

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