MUELAQ (meaning suspended) is an ongoing project by Ali Phi consisting of seven videos that explore connections between natural elements (such as sky and sea) and the human spirit and its forms of expression (such as mysticism, poems and astrology). The collection deploys visual programming and data visualizations, examining and manipulating the classical and traditional meanings applied to natural elements and their architectures through the use of logic, mathematics, coding & sound. The collection will grow over time, starting with two videos: LIMA and ANTITAIMWAIZ and continuing with LIQUITER and ENFOLD 23°33'32.2"N 58°39'07.0"E .

MUELAQ is a module of futuristic and monochromatic pieces linked to Ali Phi’s ongoing installations, which take inspiration from ancient concepts while creating a futuristic and timeless digital sculpture. The audience are invited to lose themselves in these timeless spaces and in their imaginations, to activate their sense of virtual expression, and to explore themselves in virtual space. The below short texts explore some of the driving forces behind the works in the MUELAQ collection.


In ancient Middle Eastern literary traditions, sky and sea have always had a dialogue; the two powerful natural forces are strongly connected, perpetually transformed into one another and providing an infinite source of beauty and life.


Since ancient times, the number seven has held significance and has received particular attention as part of belief systems around the world, most notably from Eastern nations, as a symbol of complete order and a perfect cycle. It is even said that this number is linked to the soul and was used as a sign of an honorable sacred superiority. Notably, Attar of Nishapur wrote of the seven valleys of the journey of reaching the truth in his book The Conference of the Birds as Request, Love, Wisdom, Needlessness, Oneness (of God), Being poor (Needing God and nothing but God), Astonishment and Annihilation, which Rumi named as “the Seven Cities of Love”.

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