New Realities

The New Realities collection on Sedition presents a selection of works from the New Realities touring exhibition that explores the current cultural landscape and reflects on the integration of digital and the internet into society. The participating artists use new technologies as the common language to express their concerns, perspectives and visions of a new cultural reality that is breaking boundaries and challenging conventions. This collection illustrates a variety of practices within digital art including generative art, animation, software art, gif art, data visualisation and social media art from some of the most exciting artists working in digital today.

The New Realities exhibition, curated by Alpha-ville and launched at the Mobile World Centre Barcelona in October 2014, features interactive and screen-based artworks, digital art installations, music & art apps, and physical objects alongside a parallel programme of events. New Realities is part of Music+Arts, an international showcase of new trends in music, art and digital culture organised by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Movistar in collaboration with Alpha­-ville.

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