Axiom Inverse

This collection by Andreas Lutz includes three audio-visual works based on the series Dyad (2019) and Zwölftonform (2015), which both visualize sound in a distinct way.

Dyad Inverse 10 0.2 0.67 100K 1.0 0.5 1600 0.4 0.0 and Dyad Inverse 12K -5.8 0.2 20K 0.6 -3.9 20K 1.80 0.4 are created with so called vector synthesis, which means that the visual representation one can see is the actual sound of a certain time frame and vice versa.

In contrast, Zwölftonform ZWÖLFT is based on the rules of dodecaphony, where an arbitrarily fixed frequency and the resulting sinusoidal waveform is visually abstracted with parameterized principles and transferred along this formal concept.

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