The Archipelago

The Archipelago collects special Sedition versions of Andy Graydon’s most recent film and video works produced in the islands of Hawai’i. Mixing modes of documentary, installation, fiction and experimental film, the works in this suite engage in a kind of ‘islandology’: exploring ways of being and knowing that emerge from conditions of island existence, and specifically with links between navigation and narration, between topography and thought. Each piece follows an attempt to tell the story of a place, beginning from the perspective of a scientific inquiry. The truth of each story, from tracking the migration of bats, to building lens elements for telescopes, to eradicating invasive species, is shown to be entangled at the juncture of multiple perspectives and voices. In exploring the deep relation between place-making and storytelling, the pieces in The Archipelago show environmental and cultural ecologies at their richest precisely where their zones of interference and interpretation are greatest.
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