The Brian Alfred Collection

In this collection, Triangle Cloud (2012), Circuit (2014), and Golden Gate (2014), Sedition brings together three rotoscope animations by American artist Brian Alfred. The works are of very different content, but are mutually emblematic of the artist's oeuvre: each animation employs symbols and visual cues to evoke the amorphous environment of contemporary culture, therewith rendering the ambiguity of our modern world with surprising subtlety and finesse.

For his digital drawings and animations in particular - Alfred’s “moving paintings” - collages or drawings serve as starting point to create animations that capture both the speed of modern life and the tranquility found in contemporary scenery. The artist likes to employ rotoscoping; a technique whereby animators trace over footage frame by frame. The ultimate results consist of thousands of drawings fused into a whole.

Alfred’s work is best known for reflecting contemporary society’s obsession with the digital age. Whether the artist works with painting, collage or digital animation - where he surveys the urban landscape and the continuous stream of sensory stimuli that individuals are confronted with - Alfred creates bold simplicity out of multiple layers that captures contemporary reality.

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