Godzone 2

Godzone 2 is part of a collection of five artworks launched by Brit Bunkley as part of the Ghost Zone collection. The collection marks Bunkley becoming part of Sedition's Curated platform.

Godzone is a colloquial term for New Zealand – shorthand for “God's Own Country”. It was first used in NZ as the title of a poem about New Zealand written by Thomas Bracken in 1890. In the new version of Godzone, industrial architecture (quaint, but ominous in their decay) vie with striking NZ landscape rendered in virtual 3D. Actual footage is combined with the 3D alternate reality of flyovers of Solaris-like islands such as a factory ruin that segues into a clip of a NZ park built during the work programs of the Great Depression - a unique landscape rich in both ponga fern trees and redwoods, part Jurassic Park and part northern California.

Bunkley stitches together his own footage in such a way that the landscape and buildings resemble a magic realist post-apocalyptic wasteland. He adds animation from photogrammetry 3D scanning to create his eerie works as “islands of memory” - akin to the islands that feature in the science fiction film Solaris (1972) by Andrei Tarkovsky. (Photogrammetry uses multiple photographs placed within software that creates animatable 3D meshes.)

Godzone has been shown at multiple venues including: Green Around (Taiwan), Taipei, Taiwan 2019; The W:OW Project - WOW.18, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA 2018; Festival Images Contre Nature 2018, Théâtre des Chartreux, Marseille, France 2018; File Video Art 2018, Art Gallery of Fiesp Cultural Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2018; Now&After 18 - ARTPLAY Design Center, Moscow, Russia 2018.


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