La Emoji Lujuria

The La Emoji Lujuria Collection is a series of digital editions by Carla Gannis in which contemporary imagery is taken from emoji culture and remixed with traditional artworks such as Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights.

The series is a continuation of Gannis’s focus on combining art historical reference with smartphone culture in order to examine the way identity, ideology and interaction are constructed in contemporary art and culture. The process of remixing central to the artist’s method creates spaces for comparison and contrast which are alternately reflective, parodic, humorous and critical, and allows imagery - and the social constructions behind that imagery - from different places and times to be viewed in the same space.

Human tendencies, ideologies, or societal constructions that have ultimately not changed for centuries are at times made visible in the new and little explored language of emoji, while at other times Gannis’s mashups speak to what has changed culturally as a result of paradigm shifts, technology and cultural revolutions.

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