When Hell Freezes Over

One of a series works in the La Emoji Lujuria Collection, When Hell Freezes Over is a video animation available as a digital limited edition on Sedition. The work is part of Carla Gannis’s The Garden of Emoji Delights project, which includes a 13ft x 7ft digitally printed triptych that is a recreation to scale, transcribed with Emoji symbols, of Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights.

When Hell Freezes Over is a time-based realisation of the print triptych and consists of composited elements which capture the cycles of nature. The seasons are rendered as emojis as the work flits between Bosch’s famous painting and digital culture at its most recognisable and ubiquitous. When Hell Freezes Over is both a humorous mash-up and reflective comparison of Bosch’s iconography and Emojis, the virtual sign/symbols of the present century.

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