Window into Spring

A cherry plum tree in flower, footage taken in March 2020, right at the beginning of far-reaching measures that severely curtailed public life. (5’38’’)

Unfazed by human drama, spring ploughed on ahead, filling the air with warm earthen smells, and all around us budded into life. In fact nature took a breather, while many gasped for air. Gently billowing in the wind, the focus shifting subtly between layers of dynamic opacity. As islands of clouds drift peacefully over the backdrop of an oversaturated blue sky, one is reminded of satellite images of our planet. Busy yet calming, the viewer is at times challenged to find an anchor, only to be guided back to serene, vibrant clarity before a tranquil fade to white.
The soundtrack of Window into Spring is based on Intermezzo No.1, Andante moderato, Op.117 by Brahms; elements of the melody are sporadically referenced, an ambient drone ±639Hz makes up the body of the track. This frequency, the tonic of Intermezzo No.1’s key of Eb major, is said to help balance emotions and elevate the mood. It promotes communication, love, understanding, and brings harmony into interpersonal relationships. With a little faith and conviction, this work may just provide the boost of love and positivity when in need to reconnect with one's relationships.

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