This art work has been created from the understanding that an individual that used to create forms and symbols from the place they lived in then reflected the thoughts of the forms and information that exists within that time frame to which we can use the aspects of our everyday lives and the things we both see and experience and then in the rawest form create a mental picture to which has the relevance of that which has existed for 1000s of years Neanderthal humans used to do this for a long time and taking that thought form i have created this art work to show the way in which modern art can display the way in which the old art creation method can be applied to a modern display of this type of art i have looked at the aspects from a mental imagery to the creation of a piece that has all the appeal of art that befits the modern world so i hope you enjoy the art piece and will add it to your collection the definition for the word Neanderthal shows the point to its simplicity and to also its complexities so here is the presentation of the work for your viewing pleasure called

an extinct species of human that was widely distributed in ice-age Europe between c. 120,000 and 35,000 years ago, with a receding forehead and prominent brow ridges. The Neanderthals were associated with the Mousterian flint industry of the Middle Palaeolithic.
an uncivilized, unintelligent, or uncouth person (typically used of a man).
"The stereotype of the mechanic as a macho Neanderthal"

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