After Magritte

We're delighted to present the new collection After Magritte by Darryl Rogers, created as an homage to René Magritte, one of the most celebrated figures of the Surrealist movement. The new collection is a series of thought-provoking works which interpret Rene Magritte’s enigmatic surrealist paintings in a time-based video format, exploring its possibilities in today's visual landscape and offering a glimpse of what Magritte's paintings might have looked were they to be created as video art today.

Fragments of time, disjointed settings and elements of mystery are intertwined in After Magritte, as each video refers to the visually familiar elements from Magritte's well-known paintings such as The Key of the Fields (La Clef des champs), The Son of Man (Le fils de l'homme) and The Blank Signature (Le Blanc Seing).

"Magritte's paintings expand and challenge viewers' perspective to new ways of seeing the world, whereby he created strange yet possible associations between apparently very different entities in a poetic yet veristic surrealist dialogue. In these video works, I have responded - often directly and at times indirectly - to the subjects and speculate about “time” as another dimension of the mystery his paintings evoke." - Darryl Rogers

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