Evolver is the new collection from Dennis Miller, consisting of five works that represent Dennis Miller's latest explorations in the world of AI-assisted generative art. In his new series, Miller experiments with boldly colourful compositions, surrealist style and geometric forms that echo back to the works of some of the pioneers of modern art such as Joan Miró, Wassilly Kandinsky, Salvador Dali and Paul Klee. With the exception of Evolver IV, Miller uses a technique called "interpolation" in each of the works to instruct the AI to morph gradually between several hundred unique text prompts. In Evolver I, Evolver III and Evolver V, each prompt represents a unique face, and facial expression, direction of gaze, color, and background, among other traits, can all be specified.

Miller's approach in Evolver IV, which was also created from a large number of prompts, was to use descriptions of different art styles and have the AI morph between them. Miller composed the music for the each artwork, that creates a vague affect to the works.

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