Brushes Odyssey

Derek Culley’s Brushes Odyssey works appear as brightly coloured drawings, created using the iPad. Representing Culley’s signature vibrant palette, the works illuminate the artist’s processual exploration of colour and form. In Fields of Hope, a barrage of marks comes into conflict with the weight of an immense sky, while Homage To Tesla No. 1 explores the potential of marks to create forms as colours moving from chaotic to ordered structures and back again. In Four Tribes, a homage to Ireland, the cumulative detail which goes into the gradually emerging medallions creates an electric energy. In Hidden Centric Force, colours appear as threads of light that collide in a kaleidoscopic traffic jam; Mamma Told Me Not To Come has a tense, elastic energy as its colours radiate and revolt, while an equally animated torrent of ticker-tape showers Murder On The Dance Floor entirely. The mood and movement of these artworks emphatically explore the conflicts and vibrancy inherent to sensations in and of themselves.
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