Ellinor Stigle explores the notion of individuality and presence through her two short video pieces in the Nuclei collection. The pieces examine the way an individual self-creates and self-maintains through its interaction with rhythms and layers. They seek to represent life inside a shell, against the backdrop of the meditative pulse of a heart beating. By extracting our native, internal soundscape, which marks out the forces which keep us alive and define us as living, Stigle seeks to highlight the fact that all human march to their own beat.

The piece Nucleus I emulates the properties of a core atomic state of mind and challenge the perception of presence drawing on Stigle’s interest in the complex intimacy of an eye. A portal to internal revelation and captured un coaxed but augmented by emotion. In Nucleus I (cohesion) the viewer is separated from the fictional self and brought into a beholders position. The protagonist openly bares her imperceptible presence in a hypnotic and hesitant dance into settlement.

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