Fabrica Frame

Fabrica Frame is a new collection of digital artworks created by artists taking part in the Fabrica Residency at Fabrica, the research centre set up in Treviso, Italy following the vision of Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani. The launch marks the beginning of a new collaboration between Fabrica and Sedition.

The collection features eight screen-based still and video works by artists working at Fabrica, showcasing a selection of exciting works by emerging interdisciplinary artists and researchers. The featured artists are Alessandro Niro, Diego Gil De Biedma, Guilherme Vieira, Harry Grundy, Lara Lussheimer, Madalena Silva Carlos, Sarah Elawad and Zhang Zhan.

The collection launch takes place during Merry Fabrica, the annual Christmas market at Fabrica where innovative makers, artists and designers present their work. This year’s Merry Fabrica takes place online and will include a series of live Instagram talks and a discussion event on the theme of the future of creative industries.

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