Météores is a new collection of video works by François Quévillon on Sedition. The work is launching alongside Quévillon's artwork Rooting: Insfrastructure.

Météores is a body of works inspired by the cosmos and geology that probes space-time and the complexity of matter, both physical and digital.

The works result from a residency in the Tablelands in Newfoundland (Canada), one of the few places where the Earth's upper mantle is exposed. Rich in heavy metals and poor in nutrients required to sustain life, the orange barren peridotite evoke extraterrestrial landscapes. The collection of 4 looped animations shows 3D scans of these rocks that defy gravity, solidity or opacity. They are reminiscent of robotic exploration of Mars as well as some physiological and psychological effects of augmented and virtual reality, such as dizziness, disorientation and dream-like state. Each scene is a world in itself, with its own atmosphere and where the laws of physics are reinvented.

Repeating on themselves with subtle variations, the works recall the implications and effects on perception of some technologies while they offer new perspectives on Earth’s substance and the processes that act upon it.

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