Evolutionary Cosmos (Part III)

fuse* introduces on Sedition the third instalment of Evolutionary Cosmos, a collection of nine digitally rendered landscapes that question the nature of our universe and are generated from the recent audiovisual installation Multiverse.

Several theories of the last century describe our universe as one in a much larger cosmos, member of a growing community of universes, each one being born in a bounce following the formation of a black hole.

This assumption leads us to presume the existence of a multiverse: a system composed of an infinite number of universes that coexist simultaneously outside of our space-time. During this process of generation of new universes, the values of the free parameters of the physical laws are reprocessed and slightly changed. This leads to an evolutionary picture of the multiverse, where hospitability to life is seen as an offshoot of a self-organized process.

This evolutionary nature has been translated in a generative system that gave birth to an ever-changing process of universe simulation. This collection exposes an instantaneous moment with a particular set of parameters which also symbolize the uniqueness of our existence.

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