Many Worlds

In this scene called Many Worlds, three of the infinite possible configurations of a simulation that describes the development of our universe are shown. The parameters that define the physical characteristics of the system and the particles that move in this virtual space are changed at each iteration searching for a situation in which the conditions for the birth of life are met. The result of this process is a wide range of configurations in which the system show its ability to create or not variety and heterogeneity starting from the same quantity of matter.

The title of this artwork is a tribute to the so-called Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics formulated by the American physicist Hugh Everett, according to which all possible alternative and future worlds are real, each representing an actual world. Before this theory, reality has always been seen as a single unfolding history. Many-worlds, on the other hand, sees historical reality as a tree with many branches where every possible quantum result is realized.

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