Future Love

Future Love is a collection of three artworks shortlisted for the FutureFest Art Prize. Works in the collection were showcased at the FutureFest weekend festival from 17-18 September 2016. One winning artwork was selected following a live audience vote.

Future Love is one of the four themes of FutureFest. Curated by Ghislaine Boddington, Future Love explores how love will be experienced, shared and understood twenty to thirty years in the future. The works in the collection presents love in some of its many forms: Karoline Georges’ Our Profiles Kiss explores love between avatars; Jmckeehen’s Kiss From The Soul explores love as an eternal algorithm; while APOTROPIA’s The Kiss explores love as material and immaterial through audiovisual synthesis. The Future Love collection provides opportunities for us to change our identities, hyper-enhance our sensualities, relocate the boundaries of our relationships. We will look beyond the physical, merge with the virtual, be intimate with the synthetic, touch and feel at a distance, date anonymously, and implant our bodies.