Future Play

Future Play is a collection featuring the three artworks shortlisted for the FutureFest Art Prize. Works in the collection was showcased at the FutureFest weekend festival from 17-18 September 2016. One winning artwork was selected following a live audience vote.

Future Play is one of the four themes of FutureFest. Curated by Pat Kane, Future Play brings together in sports, artificial intelligence, computer games, organisations, science and the arts - to demonstrate how play and games are becoming our key tools for navigating the possibilities of the future.

The works in the collection examine how play could change in the near future with the help of an influx of new technologies which are changing the way we experiment, navigate, compete, perform and explore. In Benoît Maubrey’s Audio Ballerinas Solo: PEEPERS, a dancer moves through a space wearing an ‘audio tutu’ which produces sound in response to the surrounding light levels. Ulla Nolden’s Pure Movement 3, environment 1.2 maps the behaviour of swarms through intricate algorithms, while Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn’s piece Inferno features intelligent robotic components which interact with human bodies.