Future Thrive

Future Thrive is a collection featuring the three artworks shortlisted for the FutureFest Art Prize. Works in the collection was showcased at the FutureFest weekend festival from 17-18 September 2016. One winning artwork was selected following a live audience vote.

Future Thrive is one of the four themes of FutureFest. Curated by Dr Morgaine Gaye, Future Thrive explores how we will survive, thrive and develop in the future. Genetics, food, health, habits and the home come under the microscope in a collection of works which together look at how we will sense and experience the world twenty to thirty years in the future.

The works in the collection include: Johanna Schmeer’s Bioplastic Fantastic, which presents speculative prototype “biological devices” made from enzyme-enhanced bioplastics that can generate all the food and energy humans need to survive; Kollinger Szabolcs’ photographic work Living and Lifeless shows how the artist’s bionic arm has redefined his interactions, making it easier to nourish and care for loved ones; while Surrogate Mechanica by Keith Kamholz imagines a future in which human babies grow in the wombs of surrogate robots.