Future Work

Future Work is a collection featuring three artworks shortlisted for the FutureFest Art Prize. Works in the collection was showcased at the FutureFest weekend festival from 17-18 September 2016. One winning artwork was selected following a live audience vote.

Future Work is one of the four themes of FutureFest. Curated by Ruth Amos, the artworks in the collection consider the future of work from different perspectives, twenty to thirty years in the future. The increased use of digital media in the workplace has rapidly and drastically changed the way people, spaces and machines interact. The workplace is undergoing changes in all areas, particularly in the way people are paid, the way production lines and productivity are managed and considered, and the division between work and leisure time are all being redefined.

The artworks in the collection imagine the future of work on different scales. Mutasphere00 by DoPe explores the possibility of a sentient, mutant, part-organic part-mechanical future world. Oihane Iragüen’s Semioticsofthekitchen.com reinterprets Martha Rosler’s seminal 1970s video artwork, Semiotics Of The Kitchen for the digital age. Ivaylo Hristov’s Device For Excavations combines hand tools and lights to explore the future obsolescence and beauty of workplace equipment in an age of automation.