Ephemeral Void - Elements

"From the standpoint of Taoist philosophy natural forms are not made but grown, and there is a radical difference between the organic and the mechanical. Things which are made, such as houses, furniture, and machines, are an assemblage of parts put together, or shaped, like sculpture, from the outside inwards. But things which grow shape themselves from within outwards—they are not assemblages of originally distinct parts; they partition themselves, elaborating their own structure from the whole to the parts, from the simple to the complex. ” Eastern philosophy is mainly based on the Classical elements. This series of works, “Generative Algorithm Art”, named, “Ephemeral Void, Elements” (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) is inspired by the above philosophy. This project explores the aesthetic expression of the five elements, which are associated with manifestation of the five prime elements of nature. This abstract spinning animated particle Video will be generated through digital manipulation of data, using synergy of each element’s video, sound, machine and code. Music: Shaikes John
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