Electric Wallpaper

Developing Graham Fudger's fascination with particle physics and the science of seeing, Electric Wallpaper features three new 4K UHD video works exploring the sensory and psychical experience of vision using graduated transitional hues. Shot as high-resolution stills in a dedicated macro-FX studio and manually assembled in Final Cut, the series extends the research that structured and informed the Quantum Field series, released in 2021.

Electric Wallpaper #1 references the exothermic nucleosynthesis crushing super-heated hydrogen atoms at the heart of our star as the source of the electromagnetic radiation we have evolved to sense and interpret as light. Stimulating the visual cortex with contrasting analogous and complementary colour relationships, the 4K UHD video is chromatically animated to transition through the colour wheel at speeds of 7.5 seconds and 60 seconds.

Electric Wallpaper #2 explores memory and perception as a process of recall, with reference to the evolution of heat management and camouflage mechanisms in the animal world. The human eye concentrates visual acuity in the central area of the retina, and the sense of sight accounts for around eighty percent of the brain’s sensory activity. The slow transition through a complementary colour cycle challenges the visual cortex to track and interpret the scene as it constantly and subtly shifts.

Electric Wallpaper #3 plays on the notion of quantum entanglement, where particle interactions become linked regardless of how far they are separated in space. If correct, the theory suggests an interaction that is faster than the speed light, opening the door to physical dimensions that are beyond our perception and understanding of the universe.

All works are chromatically animated to transition through the colour wheel at a slower (Meditative) and a faster speed (Attentive). The slower ones are intended to reach into the subliminal perception, whilst the faster ones aim to foreground the process in a more direct and obvious manner.

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