Cornea is a collection of digital editions by Guli Silberstein which explores the links and disparities between human and digital vision and image-making. Each of the three works in the collection is derived from a longer work by the artist. Collectively, the works interrogate the moment at which images are 'captured' on the cornea (the surface of the eye) both visually and cognitively. The works digitally process images of humans and nature, creating aesthetic compositions which illuminate aspects of the connection between the natural environment, human life and electronic visions.

Dreams, technology, nature, mind and body are mixed and remixed in the works to create intense moving paintings. The works are inspired by artistic traditions, both early moving image art, and history of painting: American Expressionism, Impressionism and Italian Renaissance. The works look at both personal and public landscapes to find out gestures, colours, and movement, weaving them together to create flowing textures united around themes and ideas relating to life, death and image.

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