Impressure (Soft Explode)

Digital video, 3’35’’, 2019, UK

Impressure (Soft Explode) is a digital edition by Guli Silberstein derived from the longer work Impressure. The work is part of the Cornea collection of three works which explore digital vision and image-making.

The meaning of the word impressure is defined as 'a mark made by pressure'. Family trips in British landscape softly explode and diffuse on screen, creating smears of vibrant colours and merging moving forms. The work wonders about the connection between humans and nature, and the use of technology in the perception of the natural world. In a way the work is a perception of perception. It highlights the digital code we use to record nature to make sense of the world, which is actually full of mystery and hidden sights that are locked from our vision. The work brings forth the wonder in nature, with classic images that reference cave drawings and childhood experiences. The work studies 'movement' as 'life', following animals, insects, water and trees, looking at the beauty and mystery of this fragile world.

The work is a new digital adaption of the original work Impressure which has been shown, among others, at the London Short Film Festival, Asolo Art Film Festival in Asolo Italy, Experiments in Cinema, Albuquerque, New Mexico USA, and the 5º Festival Diseño Audiovisual Experimental Valdivia Chile.


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