Mapping Sybar, Part 1, Process

Heidi Locher’s Mapping Sybar, Part 1, Process collection includes two images that explore the power and symbolism of stone being cleaved from a quarry. The quarry is a forgotten city of dumb yet immensely powerful facades, shaped in the factory by dust laden machines with humans at their controls. The drama and force of the quarry is represented here by a piece which communicates the ugly beauty of mechanical power and symbolism. The work is influenced by Teatro Total and the Futurism movement in Italy; it looks towards modernity, progress and construction with awe. “Andres Bricks installation at the Tate Modern, has always conveyed building process to me, laid out in a sequence. The factory and quarry had exactly the same effect for me. The immediate suggestion of zone, surface of three dimensional possibilities.” - Heidi Locher

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