Lahore Diaries

Imran Qureshi’s Lahore Diaries draw from an archive of imagery to create a series of intimate entries as a visual diary of the city through his eyes, using the artist’s phone. Qureshi uses video and photography to capture moments of inspiration – scenes and aesthetics that give life to his practice. Each piece has been used – often repeatedly – as a point of departure to create anew. Plucking elements from nature, as in Sky Fall, in which Qureshi watches over the coloured clouds as the weather turns from droplets to a deluge of rain (that follows the recording). Or Shadows, in which the interior of a room is blissfully bathed in early morning silhouettes that dance over the walls. The tranquility of Green Water and Tarpaulin, that act as portals into the artist’s world, inviting his audience to ponder the persuasiveness of nature. All from a city such as Lahore, in which Qureshi draws attention to the natural nuances that are as impressive upon his imagination as the intensity of people and productivity that energises the capital. As epigrammatic episodes from Qureshi’s day-to-day life, these collected works serve to illustrate how everything comes to influence the artist at work.
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