Traces of Life

Traces of Life is about the wonderful phenomenon that occurs between death and life. It addresses dead matter which once was formed in the growth processes of living nature and seems somehow to achieve a resurrection in electronic rebirth.

Shifting light and shadow changes the virtual viewing angle and creates a very specific emotional charge when moving in time. These movements, once solidified on screen, deliver a self-evident trace of life. Even though stylisation has greatly altered the shapes and colours, the residues of life and the ephemera of living processes are in some way shown as stored in their original form. With manipulated and fragmented images, Traces of Life discovers revelations of the soul in every viewing angle.

"This may sound rather pretentious, but the action is meant to be a statement. In so many ways, we are rediscovering how much nature has to tell us. These are odes to the hidden inspirations that nature has to communicate to us in all its solidified splendour." - Jaap Drupsteen

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