"Time is killing us. Each second of each day, we die.

And so?

What we do with time, our time, is what matters. We can treasure how time ages us and ripens our spirit as it gifts us with experience. We can honor the cycles of time as they happen – the inevitable NOW. All while we pay tribute to the resolute absolutes; the essentials we forget surround us, until they sing or sting.

But we don’t.

We are maddeningly self-destructive, insistent on the quick fix, the home run, the easy way out. Our self-inflicted wounds will kill us long before time triumphs. We ignore the obvious, refute the facts, and banish what we consider trivial from our attention. Foolish to the end.

And to what end?

Shouldn’t our objective be to preserve and savor the time we have, and defend the world where we live? Well, let’s do it. Stare into the eyes of fate, take deep breath and tell me what you are prepared to do." - John Sanborn.

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