Intimate Archeology

To truly know someone, you listen as they take the time and care to reveal themselves to you. In this exchange, a trace transfer occurs, as part of their DNA slides over into your consciousness, and some of your instinctual intelligence joins their blood. Muse and artist become one.

These minute exchanges are invisible to the unaided eye, so we invite technology to join the party. Subtle pulses strip away visible certainty, exposing an alternate reality that lies just below the surface. The result is a unique delineation of the passage of time, causing distortions of space, both presaged by the fusion of two temperaments.

Wisps of truth are amalgamated into a skin of infinite elasticity and beauty. Ripped by the shredding of time and tortured into abstractions of invisible wisdom and probing faith, this intimate archeology reveals immaterial forces.

Intimate Archaeology is a selection from a series of 60 works created by John Sanborn with Sarah Cecelia Bukowsky, his long-time collaborator. They have a learned history of intentions, gestures, and desires, and together they have created their own reality aided by lidar and photometric scanning to produce a choreography of distortion rendered into 3D objects. The process evolved in real-time, prompted by written scenarios and initiated by the movement of Bukowsky’s body in synchronicity with Sanborn’s camera.

Or, as the poet says, "When you get to be my age, you are not compared to others. You are compared to your own history."

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