Petite Indifferent Shards

Petite Indifferent Shards is a collection of moving images created with photogrammetry by John Sanborn.

“Life is one enormous waste of time, composed in a malicious, sneaky manner of billions of shards of waiting - for the coffee to brew, for the dogs to poop, for something amazing to happen, and for death. Occasionally we have fun, but those moments are rare.

So, let’s celebrate the indifferent, the non-functional, and the pauses of the everyday. With a fused fender-bender of time and space, we can step outside the truth of inevitability and ease our way into embracing a time of dematerialisation, while transforming space onto a sense of 'not so much'.

These works capture the measured, or measurable, period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues – and the humanised spaces in which we exist. Not just the moment but what the moment reveals – showing us how alone we are in the world, and why we feel the effects of time.

In your hand, you are holding the key to altering the dimensions of time and space. An iPhone uses lidar and photometric scanning for practical purposes, but it takes a real artist to corrupt these processes to create gooey, melted hybrids that reflect our soiled and impaired 'human condition'. We don’t know, what we don’t know. You know?”

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