Some 4 Seasons

Some 4 Seasons (Life's Transitory Desires) is a collection of four video works by John Sanborn created exclusively for Sedition. The works explore seasonality and repetition. Each work expresses the sensory, conceptual and temporal experiences associated with a different season: renewal and death, freedom and responsibility. Together, the works also reflect on how we experience time.

“Repetition is an avowal of life. I stare at my mental map of each year and feel the semi-circular shape of the seasons lay itself out in a counter-clockwise manner. Like a racetrack that beckons me on, I stand still while I circle the muddy course; the logic of dreams permits me to call out names and dates with each circuit. Faster and faster I run, or drive, or fly – with an end in sight but no wish to arrive, the 4 seasons are each distinguished by their own flavor and tone and the older I get the more personal they become. The track of time above expectations becomes fused with memories and dreams, repeated with significant variations to form a blueprint of existence.” - John Sanborn

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